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White Stuff is a British fashion and lifestyle brand that sells women’s, men’s and kids' clothing, accessories, homeware and gifts in over 120 shops in the United Kingdom, shops in Germany, via mail-order catalogues and through its website.

A customer shares her disappointing experience on reviews.io, "I am extremely disappointed with the way I have been treated following recent purchases on White Stuff. I was not informed by the shop staff about the recent change in the returns policy, decreasing from 28 to 14 days. Staff were not understanding when I tried to return items and although they could have used discretion and issue a refund to me - they did not. I am now left with gift vouchers for a store I no longer wish to patronize! Customer Care has been unable to redress this too."


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Customer Host (Former Employee) says

"I used to work for White Stuff, and I don't recommend anyone thinking of joining the company. Cons: The management"

In store visual merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I actually had this role advertised in Southampton now. Cons: Blood sweat and tears is not enough for this company"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Whitestuff was a very good job at the beginning. For about a year I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the day. I had amazing colleagues who turned into amazing friends. However, it started going downhill when the Manager left. I started being bullied and isolated, shouted at for things I didn't do and being wrongly accused, This made me feel frightened to go into work as I thought I would lose my job. I definitely do not recommend working here. Cons: rude staff members."

Customer Host (Former Employee) says

"White Stuff is a great place to work if you don't want to progress anywhere. The management is so clique-y that you'll never get a chance to progress, unless you're their neighbour or best friend. They promise pay rises and advancements, but it never happens. It's another case of minimal contracts, but huge amounts of extra shifts - so they can shaft you with Holiday and sick pay. Cons: Everything Else"

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"After spending a number of years at this company, I never thought I would be putting a negative outlook on its present and it’s future,"

Product Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The website and information available online all points to a company that values its staff and gives back to the community. However this was not the experience that I had. With bullying, intimidation, and generally unattractive behaviour all the way up to store manager, it wasn't long before I left. Cons: Management, general culture behind the scenes."

Deputy Manager (Former Employee) says

"-poor management, lack of responsibility and care to the employees"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"not enough prospects, Cons: not enough prosepects"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"total lack of support from management. HQ staff are running for the hills. The company has no identity with customers and staff confused about the brand. An almost complete change of the senior team, which would not be an issue if they valued their people. Their chat sessions come across as lacking in sincerity and a tick box exercise. Middle management too scared to speak for fear of being pushed out. Such a shame, this could be such a great brand."

Keyholder (Current Employee) says

"Very little opportunity for progression, the company don't promote internal candidates so the number of staff that leave is very high."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Weak leadership and lack of decisiveness from HQ gives store staff no confidence in the company whatsoever. Direction is changed then changed again at the last minute. pointless, money and time wasting efforts put in by store staff on an almost weekly basis, never quite sure of the rationale, seems to be a secret. Zero accountability and very little monitoring means that it’s almost impossible to cultivate an energetic and productive store team. If sales staff are not complete idiots, they’ll see very quickly that none of the higher ups seem to care whether we win lose or draw. Extremely demoralising and frustrating. Experienced and talented store managers are wasted here and are massively under appreciated. If HQ cared, they could utilise this advantage that they have to achieve better results. Help us help you for gods sake Cons: Baffling company"

Product Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The job itself is actually quite enjoyable, and a lot of customers a repeat customers who you get to know, and who like to think become your friends. Cons: disorganised company that doesn't care about its staff; bullying; no home life"

1st Verkoopster/ Assistent store manager (Current Employee) says

"- very bad salary"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a shop assistant. Greeting people and managing the fitting rooms. The most enjoyable part of the job was spending time around other employees and talking to customers."

Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for six months whilst trying to transfer to a new store but lack of communication with management prevented this so I left. Management have favourites and it becomes quickly obvious! Not everyone will be allowed the same benefits ( such as shift patterns and days off etc) due to the favouritism. Cons: Management have favourites, no progression, laziness"

Product Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Breakdowns of communication from staff. Pleasant store, but with unprofessional behavior all around. Nice customer base. Decent staff quarters. Nice products."

Customer Host (Former Employee) says

"I was recruited on a 16 hour contract and made to work on average 30 hours. they did this to avoid having to give me the additional benefits that come with higher hour contracts. I was asked to dishonestly obtain customers email addresses with promises of discounts. Cons: Dishonest"

Assistante de Direction (Former Employee) says

"Ces 2 expériences ont été très dures dans la mesure où elles étaient mes premières expériences de management et que j'etais très jeune."

Stockroom Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Assisting customers with their choices and giving advice."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"typical day is 9-530 (4 on a friday)"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"I have been working at White Stuff full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Unfortunately this list has gotten too long to not upload. We know that writing this will achieve nothing, other than a generated people team response asking us to email them, but there is no other outlet available to voice just how bad things have gotten. I would never contact senior leadership directly, as this is currently where the problem lies, and when people do stand up and try to be vocal they just get swept under the rug or fobbed off with a "it's on the pad" response. Reduced salaries and hours - Whilst we understand the reasoning behind this process, and can see the need to protect the business, you cannot reduce management contracts down and expect the previous goalposts and results to be met. - These hours have been reduced past the point of viable, there's no amount of "educating the customer" that can replace the White Stuff service experience that we are known and loved for. This is why we are failing to produce the same turnover as our competitors. - We cannot do our jobs. There is no management aspect, no policy or procedures being delivered, we are literally putting the key in the door and using the till. If you're wanting to trade shops for 8.5-9 hours a day, but we can only work 7 what is the expectation here? Unrealistic expectations from HQ/AM/Retail team - Forced (prolonged) lone working despite several incidents that prove this is unfeasible. This affects all managers and customer host supervisors. Not all CHS are at a level (through no fault of their own), to be able to lone trade and feel safe to do so. You can have a 18 year old CHS, or a 58 year old CHS who both feel equally unsupported, and we as managers have no resources to help explain or train them for this situation. - Workload is again something we understand is very subject to change currently. There is no denial on the stores side that we will know everything that is going to happen, but when the "unprecedented" does happen, we are left in the dark until the last minute and are then expected to execute unrealistic amounts of work with unrealistic resources. New HQ team brought in under new head of shops/CEO - Has a purely web based focus, meaning stock is not in shops and therefore we're alienating our core customer from the off - Stores are not given the correct dispatch/launch dates and are constantly having to change plans around to work around the dribble of product that is making it's way to us. Stock Surgeries helped with this over the Autumn, but to receive an updated delivery schedule 4/5 times a week is impossible to plan with given limited staffing. Head of shops - Claims to have come up the ranks from the shop floor, but seems to have lost all visibility on what decisions look like on a shop floor level - Emphasis on "educating the customer" on new ways of shopping, i.e. not taking cash because of the "pandemic" when this is just another way to cost cut. - Dates of major promo activities change up to 4 times the week prior and with a days notice. Sale date for Christmas was a disaster. We are under NO illusions that things change, but cannot ask the impossible of already stretched teams. Significant lack/clarity/consistency of communication in all aspects of the business - This results in a complete bottleneck situation and information being handed down sometimes third hand - Area managers choose which comms to give and this results in mass disparity over the areas, senior management seem to think that information is a luxury not a right. - This is CHs biggest issue, this means being unable to plan anything in a very stressful time. And managers having to explain we have no more information than they do. We cannot support our teams, and there is nobody supporting us. Welfare - Massive lack of COVID check in with the retail team. We've had 0 comms, not even a "we're all in it together hope you're okay" - Mental health first aiders seemed to be the in thing last year, but have been nowhere to be seen on the "front line" This list is extensive and will be the same whichever retail area/store/team you speak to. The point of this is to not dwell on this, but to publicly highlight that we need to make changes and move forward together. We all want this brand to succeed, but when you have managers that would rather seek out redundancy than continue service, something has gone wrong."

Current Employee - Manager says

"I have been working at White Stuff full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Lone trading means I couldn’t even go to the toilet yesterday for 2 hours unless I ask customers to leave. I had a 10 minute break as my elderly customer host was nervous of being left alone. Worked over my contract. Can’t leave the shop from 9am - 5:30pm. Worked nearly 8.5 hours, paid for 7. Have been told “we’re all in this together” by my line manager who worked from home yesterday. I’d understand if this was the middle of January, but it’s December and my shop is busy. No support from my AM with hours despite asking several times. Deliveries, Covid cleaning, open changing rooms, customer service and dealing with many online refunds are all being done with a 4 hour shift and one manager."

Former Employee - Head Office Employee says

"I worked at White Stuff full-time Cons: Senior leadership cannot stick to a decision, and sometimes changed their minds multiple times leading up to a launch. This caused many in the business to stress because of unnecessary added workload and created a tense atmosphere. Senior leadership would react too hastily to a bad trading week to the point promotional messages were confusing to customers. Teams would waste time preparing promotions when it wouldn’t drive enough to even justify the man power to set it up. The CEO and Directors say they are trying to be a digitally focused brand, when they can’t make a digital first decision. It’s also hard to be a digitally focused brand when you make your e-commerce team the worst hit team with redundancies."

Former Employee - ECommerce Manager says

"I worked at White Stuff full-time for more than 8 years Cons: How sad then, that with the introduction of a new CEO I watched as those brand values were slowly stripped away over the course of two years, and when the business saw its profit margins being impacted by market forces they ditched them altogether. This is a business that used the Covid-19 pandemic as a smokeshield to lay off almost half of the head office in the most mean and dispiriting way possible - it seems that plans were afoot to get rid of people well before the crisis hit and the process was then expedited with little to no consideration for the wellbeing of staff (I can count on no fingers how many times my line manager checked in with me whilst we were on furlough). New senior managers were brought in and spent no time getting to know the people or processes, but were tasked with putting together new structures and deciding the fate of long-standing employees. The redundancy process left out any considerations of loyalty, with business knowledge and length of service not considered in the slightest and disingenuous selection pools resulting in questionable outcomes - what I saw was junior staff favoured over more experienced people simply for the saving of their salary. When this process fell apart and the preferred employees chose to jump ship because they'd been treated badly, the business asked some of the senior people to come back - they declined. White Stuff, what does that tell you about how poorly you've handled the situation and how much the company ethics have been completely eroded? No Directors were ousted as part of this restructure - despite the business strategy failing - with their inflated pay packets ultimately the key priority for the business despite having a much smaller workforce to manage. Also, all of the CEOs mates from her previous company who were brought in at the start of her tenure (which we were told by our HR function not to discuss) also all survived unscathed. The writing would now seem to be on the wall for White Stuff, and those who have been laid off may have had a lucky escape - there isn't enough sparkling water in the world to keep this brand afloat, unfortunately."

Former Employee - Finance says

"I worked at White Stuff full-time Cons: Less opportunity for progression and management team lack communication"

Current Employee - Shop Manager says

"I have been working at White Stuff full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Things have been on a steady decline for some time now. All the life and soul of the brand has been drained, leaving a hollow corporate shell of a clothing business. Since covid-19 the higher leadership team have been completely absent and decision making reflects this. What little communication trickles down to shop level is sporadic at best and lacks any conviction. The word 'unprecedented' has now become a mandatory disclaimer for not having a clue. There are currently just 3 overworked area managers and a grossly understaffed retail ops team struggling, but doing their best, to oversee the entire portfolio of UK shops with little to no direction. Disarray is an understatement."

Former Employee - Customer Host says

"I worked at White Stuff part-time for more than a year Cons: The store management is very poor"

Current Employee - Buying & Merchandising says

"I have been working at White Stuff full-time Cons: Has now had a number of back to back different 'turnaround plans' which have failed to work. Lack of clear product direction is causing mass confusion for employees and customers alike. Too many meetings which create a constant state of flux as decisions get made and then overturned. Complicated working practices which don't add enough value to be worth while."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"I worked at White Stuff part-time Cons: You're not cared about by anyone higher up. Poor communication Expected to make white stuff your priority in life but you're not valued Bonus targets unachievable very short staffed a lot of responsibility for not much money"

Former Employee - Head Office says

"I worked at White Stuff full-time for less than a year Cons: no progression, terrible management, no training"

Jennifer Kennedy says

"Tried to order on line .. kept getting message saying there was an issue with payment .. finally gave up .. only to find the payment had been taken .. three times!! Emailed and tweeted but no reply ... will probs still go into shop but no longer will trust on line service"

Louise Griffin says

"I was looking forward to opening my 12 Days of Christmas Advent calendar. Really disappointed to find four boxes completely empty. Not the service I expected from White Stuff! Still waiting for customer service to get back to me..."

Donna West says

"Ordered online on 11th nov, did not arrive so contacted customer services, eventually (4th dec) was advised it was lost by Hermes & asking if I wanted another order to be sent or a refund- I went for the latter. I have sent 2 further emails asking for a response & my refund to no avail ! - (Now resolved, thank you very much to the customer service team)"

Ari Jolie says

"First time customer, sweater arrived with large hole in front! Very disappointed. Especially as it’s so expensive!"

C Mid says

"I ordered a gift for my niece in early November and it never arrived, so I contacted customer services. They sent me a photo of the Hermes delivery, clearly showing delivery to an incorrect address. I’ve asked for a refund of the £40 gift but White Stuff say they are still investigating. My contract is with White Stuff and not their courier and I would have expected a refund and apology by now (1 month after ordering). Update: White Stuff have now offered me a refund and an apology"

Nicky says

"Shrinking Jumpers - very disappointing I have been a loyal White Stuff customer, however I have recently started to wear the festive fox jumper and also a heart jumper and both shrank, even though I washed them both per the instructions. The festive fox shrank slightly on first/second wash, I could cope with that but on the third wash it looks like it is for a seven year old not a size 14 adult. The heart jumper has also shrunk on each wash, I could still wear it if the sleeves hadn't shrunk to a child size, width wise. Both jumpers were with a discount but that is about £80 worth of jumper ruined after I have worn each about three times. That's very poor, charging prices for knitwear that simply doesn't reflect the poor quality."

Ron Newton says

"Surprised at 4.4 rating of Portland Overdye Chinos on their website. Greatly overpriced for the quality - even after "Black Friday" discount."

Sue Atkins says

"White Stuff has lost its way. I agree with the customers who say they used to be spoilt for choice but now struggle to find anything. The prints and designs always stood out from other shops especially the tunics which were figure flattering and forgiving in stretchy fabric. Please look back at previous bestsellers which hardly ever appeared in the sale as they were snapped up so quickly..I now do more shopping at Seasalt who excel at striking prints and flattering styles."

HAZEL says

"I bought a dressing gown 3 years ago and it was amazing so cosy and warm. I looked forward to coming from work and slobbing out. I ordered another one this year and the quality is so disappointing. It’s thin and would definitely not be as cosy. I doubt it would wear well either. It is the same price as before so why has the quality reduced? I’m just disappointed 😞"

Upen Vithlani says

"Error on discount code. Your site offers a 15% discount on checkout - but when you copy the promotional code it says error in the promotional code! I was going to buy without the promotional code anyway, but this pissed me off so will not. Also the same dark blue shacket XS size version of Product ID grey 432824, has been out of stock for ages."

Pam Chowhan says

"I used to buy so much stuff from WS - literally everything in my wardrobe was WS. However, in the past few years I’ve found the styles to be frumpy, and the designs washed out. I remember I’d literally buy about 4 or 5 tunic tops / dresses at a time maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but now I can’t find anything I like. There used to be flattering empire line tops and dresses, 3/4 lenth sleeves, rich colours, flowing fabric to cover bumps, and beautiful unique prints. What has happened?"

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